Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Jazz and blues Guitar Backing tracks

When learning songs, I always suggest using a simple metronome or, best of all, getting together with some other musicians, to keep yourself motivated and focused…but when you cannot do that, this is a great site that has a great variety of guitar backing tracks for you to learn some jazz-rock, fusion, jazz and blues… Continue reading Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Jazz and blues Guitar Backing tracks

Advanced Blues stuff Pt 2 – Solo Explained

In this video I explain the solo I play in Advanced pentatonic stuff (Pt1). It is pretty self explanatory…download the PDF file of the transcribed solo below: Download PDF file If this style of playing interests you, you want to check out my guitar method ‘Contemporary Blues Soloing‘. Check it out in the Products page.

More Advanced Blues stuff (the Miles/Robben thing)

Advanced pentatonic stuff. There are when times you can get bored of playing just the pentatonic on a blues, or maybe you’ve heard more contemporary blues players like Robben Ford, or blues influenced jazz guys like John Scofield and Scott Henderson. Well, here I come to help you out with a couple of tips: first… Continue reading More Advanced Blues stuff (the Miles/Robben thing)

Basic pentatonic major-minor

Basic Pentatonic stuff I will not get too much into pentatonics as you can find stuff all over the net. Too much has been said and done on the famous ‘pentatonic box’…As I say in the video, a major pentatonic is a major scale without the 4thand 7th degree. So C major pentatonic is: C… Continue reading Basic pentatonic major-minor