I am interested in letting the readers know ideas on how you live your life as a musician: from developing your musicianship and practice routine to promoting your music and building an audience for yourself. Basically your take on how to develop yourself as an artist. Maybe you’d like to share your routine, some good resources you found around the net, or just the way you deal with press, endorsements, and so on.

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A few guidelines before submitting your article/lesson:

– Content must be original. Duplicate content from elsewhere on the web will NOT be published.
– Don’t submit articles that are only a couple of lines, it has to be good content, of good educational value.
– HTML links allowed (but limit to one or two per lesson or article).
– Before publishing the article, both the author and myself have to be satisfied with it, every article will be reviewed.
– Leave the ‘About the author’ section to put a link to your site, a short biog and link to any CD/Books you have for sale or you are promoting, I am very happy to do so if the article is of good educational value and not a shameless plug!.
– no affiliate links of any kind on the articles…every article will be read!

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