Easy standard jazz song analyzed

In this video I will show you how jazz standards are actually much easier that most people think. I bring as an example the famous standard ‘Autumn leaves’. You’ll notice right away that this is mostly made up by two 2-5-1 progressions one in major, the other one in minor. I have already show you previously how to approach those two progressions and what to use to solo over them. So now all you should do is learn the chords and record a backing track for yourself to solo over.

Printable PDF: Lead Sheet

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  1. hello, the previous comment presented some mistakes…I am gonna post this new one then!! Sorry

    sorry about disturbing you. I find your videos and lessons very interesting and you are a great guitarist.
    about this passage : F#-7/5-, B7, E-,
    you mentioned the triton substitution. I guess I am not very smart because I am still confused. I know that I can substitute Cmaj with Gb7 or G-7 for example and this applays very well to soloing too…but I can’t understand what you mean when you say that this progression “F#-7/5- B7 E- “is a 2-5-1. I can’t understand very well: E- is the 6th or G for example and i can substitute the G chord using E- it’s fine ..F#-7/5- is the 7th of G but for me B7 is still a problem: it would be the 5th of Emaj but I can’t understand how it can be in this progression. I am a little bit numb and cannot see the triton substitution.

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