Never-ending chromatic scale

Never ending chromatic scale exercise. I think this video is pretty self explanatory. All you have to do is play a continuous chromatic scale without ever breaking the flow of semitones, without any restrictions in terms of fingering or direction on the fretboard. This means you are free to move up, down, diagonally, shift position… Continue reading Never-ending chromatic scale

Finger combinations Pt.2 – the next level

Finger Combinations Pt2 – The next level Same exercise, just taking it to the next level: play the combinations in different divisions (quarter note, eight note, triplets, quintuplets, and so on…) and at different tempos (but it’s not about speed…it’s about precision and clean technique, remember). Also use stretches between the 1st and 2nd finger,… Continue reading Finger combinations Pt.2 – the next level

Finger combinations Pt.1

Finger Combinations Pt1 – The basic idea This exercise is one of those exercises everybody knows but nobody practices…for sure, it is one of the most useful, you’ll see. It consist in playing up to the 12th fret and back all the possible combinations of fingers of the left hand (one at time, of course).… Continue reading Finger combinations Pt.1

Guitar Technique: Left Hand Posture Tips

I have seen too many times young or inexperienced guitarists having to go back to basics because of poor left hand posture. In this video I’ll give you some tips on how to better your left hand posture following a few simple concepts: 2. Keep your thumb opposite your fingers on the other side of… Continue reading Guitar Technique: Left Hand Posture Tips