3 Notes Per String Pentatonic

I have always been inspired by lines played by funk sax players like Sanborn, Marienthal o Brecker, lines which are unique because of the characteristics of the instrument to produce the same note with two different fingerings (but this is possible on the guitar,too), together with their aggressive feel and a bluesy approach (= pentatonis, bends…). In this post you will find the fingerings for pentatonic scale three notes per string in position (to get the “false fingering” feel) and three notes per string trough the neck, to get fast and smooth lines.

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  1. Great stuff G.. i have just one question, are you playing the 2nd note with your 2nd finger or your 3rd? I get asked this all the time in lessons, and never know quite how to advise, as i always use my 2nd! But i always go with frank gambales method; he says 4 notes per string is unesessary, if you use the right positions, and the same goes for this 3 notes per string pents! There is another way to get round the more notes thing! God i wish i was a webdesigner! Cheers tho dude!

    1. 2nd or 3nd finger….In my case it depends where I am going next: if I am staying in the same position I tend to play with my 3rd finger, if I am shifting down the fretboard I tend to use my 2nd finger…that's just me. In cases like these I always suggest to learn to play well with both the 2nd and 3rd finger. I agree with Frank, but you cannot get the slightly different sound of that repeated note if you play a 2 note per string fingering.

      1. True. its like that think some sax players do,getting a different tone on the same note. Ihave some 'metal' lines like this id like to trade oneday! s

  2. I have seen some crappy posts but this one really impresses me. Good work!

  3. Fantastic web site. I received a good deal of great knowledge. I?ve been holding an eye on this for awhile. It is fascinating the way it keeps shifting, yet a few of the core elements remain the identical.

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