Not Happy With Your Tuning? How To Fine Tune Your Guitar

I am sure we are all a bit frustrated when it comes to tuning our guitars. As much as things have become easier by using a tuner of some sort, I always feel I have to always fine-tune my guitar as I start playing.

If you don’t want to go as far as installing the Buzz Feiten System, I suggest you watch the video below, where James Taylor shows you how to use a tuner with ‘cents’ to put the guitar very slightly out of tune to have a more pleasing experience along the fretboard and in different keys. You will be surprised!

What he suggests is this (in cents):

E= -3






If you don’t have a tuner with cents you can use this great online java tuner from SeventhString:


You an also use a tuning app like GString for Android to monitor your tuning: when you feel that you are in perfect tuning at the end of a gig or session and keep track of what is the ratio/relation of cents between the strings. Write them down and see if there is a recurring pattern. I suggest you to do this when you are playing in a band setting, not just by yourself.

Good Luck!

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