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Lessons Menu

html The Master Plan: Reach your full potential as a Guitarist/Musician
html Basic Music Theory for Beginners

1. From the major scale to understanding how things work

video From the chromatic scale to the major scale
video The major scale on guitar
pdfThe major scale – position playing file
html Intervals explained
pdf Intervals explained
html Intervals explained P2 – On Guitar
video From the major scale to the harmonized scale (Pt.1 triads)
video Triads Inversions: 1st 2nd inversion – Pt1 close
video Triads Inversions: 1st 2nd inversion – Pt2 spread vocing
pdf Triads on guitar – all inversions
html Understanding how triads and other chords are built
html From the major scale to the harmonized scale (Pt.2 7th chords)
pdf The major scale harmonized
pdf Common 7th chord shapes
video Simple song analyzed
video Chord scale exercise
pdf Chord scale exercise file

2. The Blues

video 3 simple 12 bar blues forms
pdf 3 simple 12 bar blues forms
video Basic pentatonic major-minor
pdf Basic Pentatonic stuff/blues scale
video More Advanced Blues stuff (the Miles/Robben thing)
video Advanced Blues stuff Pt 2 – Solo Explained
video How to comp on a Blues/Jazz progression
pdf How to comp on a Blues/Jazz progression transcription
video Minor Blues

3.Getting it all together

video Play a pop solo
Download G major Backing Track >Here<
video Phrasing – Build your own vocabulary of melodic material

4.The Jazzy stuff (but good for every style!)

video 2-5-1 Pt1:Explanation
video 2-5-1 Pt2:Examples
pdf 2-5-1 All keys
video Adding Chromatic Approach
pdf Chromatic Approach
video Interval Color for Soloing
pdf Intervals inside Major Scale
video 2-5-1 minor
pdf 2-5-1 minor 8 note minor scale
video 7th Arpeggios
pdf 7th Arpeggios Examples
video Connecting 7th arpeggios with scales
video Expand your vocabulary Pt1
video Expand your vocabulary Pt2
pdf 251 Example Phrase Exercise
pdf Chords for Autumn Leaves
video Altered Chords Pt1
video Altered Chords Pt2
video Chord extensions Pt1
video Chord extensions Pt2
video Easy standard jazz song analyzed
pdf Lead Sheet
contemporary pop song analyzed (coming soon)
video How to transpose
pdf Transpose sheet
how to learn a tune – transposing the chord structure (coming soon)
scale choice (coming soon)
more chord scale (coming soon)
video Modes of major scale pt1
pdf Modes Pt1
video Modes of major scale pt2
pdf Modes Pt2
video Modes of major scale pt3
pdf Modes Pt3
video Modes of the major scale Pt4
video Chord Scale Relationship, a practical tip
video Tritone Substitution/Passing chords
modes of melodic minor (coming soon)
modal playing (coming soon)
bebop style (coming soon)
video Quartal Harmony/Playing in Fourths
melodic development (coming soon)
video Diminished scale Pt1
video Diminished scale Pt2
video Harmonic Major Scale
dualities (coming soon) altered pentatonics (coming soon)
html Note Choice

5. Special topics

html Considerations on practicing – the power of your mind
html On how to find new and original material
video Open Strings Voicings
pdf Open Strings Voicings
video Playing with a Slide – Tips
video Harmonics on guitar
pdf Harmonics on guitar
video Jog Scale
pdf Jog Scale – 5 inversions
video How to use a capo – different approaches
video More open strings voicings – Hall Goes West
pdf Hall Goes West- Transcription
video Power Chords – From Basic to more advanced structures
video Power Chords – All Shapes
video Layers
html Recycling Melodic Material
html Build your own Musical Vocabulary 
build your own scale (coming soon)
playing with Rhythm (coming soon)
html Factorial Thinking (Combinations applied to music)
video 3 Notes Per String Pentatonic
html 3 Notes Per String Pentatonic Fingerings
video Using different Guitar Picks
video Triad Pairs
polyrhythm (coming soon)
slash chords (coming soon)
comping (coming soon)
video Playing ‘out’
video Tips:Play Giant Steps on guitar
html Advice on sound: Creative noises
video Funk Guitar Comping Tips

6. Technical exercises

video Guitar Technique: Left Hand Posture Tips
video Guitar Technique: Rhythms
video Finger combinations Pt.1
video Finger combinations Pt.2 – the next level
pdf Finger combinations file
video Never-ending chromatic scale
video Spider with a twist
video Right hand Technique – inside/outside picking
video Right Hand Exercise – Just RH
video Right hand strum – different divisions/accents
video Bending exercises
video Vibrato – A few different approaches
video Legato: Technique and exercise
video How to Hold Guitar Pick + Right Hand Technique Tips
video Right Hand Technique – Posture – Fingerstyle

7. A day in the life of a musician

html On how to find the best gig for you as a guitarist/musician
html Musician’s Health

The opinions expressed in the videos are my personal opinions on music, and reflect my point of view on how to approach certain topics on the instrument. I have been teaching/performing for over 25 years now, and I have been lucky enough to learn and play with some of the most respected musicians on the planet. Having said that there is no unique way (at least that I know of) to get to ‘know it all’. What works for me might not necessarily work for you. Also there are no shortcuts or magic button. It takes time and dedication to know the instrument and get to the level of the masters…But it is doable… Even though there are loads of videos on line on how to learn to play, I must say that there is no substitute for a one-to-one lessons with an experienced teacher, because he/she can point out problems in your playing, problems that you might not be able to see by yourself. It might seem expensive to get private lessons, but if you think along the lines of ‘time is money’, you’ll end up saving a lot!